When we founded Craft Homes, we set out to rethink the homebuilding process.

We believe that your home should be guided by the life you want to live. It should be built smartly, with ambitions standards for design and technology. Its design should be purposeful, developed to thoughtfully intersect with and enhance the lives of those who live there. And we believe the home building process should be collaborative, with open communication and a guided design process all along the way.

That led us to a philosophy based on respect – for your time, your vision, and your needs – that gives you the strongest voice in the homebuilding process. Our approach – and our company – is different because we take great strides to listen, to connect and to understand your needs and the needs of your family so the home you build matches the life you live.


Craft Homes is led by people who think differently about the homebuilding process.

Our team has designed and developed homes and master-planned communities for families all across Florida. The difference is in our approach to homebuilding. Founded as a company driven by innovation, collaboration and open communication, we are uniquely suited to create purposeful, forward-thinking homes for an active, sophisticated customer.

For that reason, our team is focused on creating a unique customer experience throughout the homebuilding process. From the beginning, we truly listen to your vision, with our

customer-focused Experience Guides working directly with you at each step of the process. That conversation leads to a thoughtful design and construction process complemented by a variety of integrated lifestyle upgrades we include in every Craft home. The result is not only the home you want, but one designed to enhance your life.

Our company, our approach and our process are different because we want you to craft your home to meet your lifestyle.


When we started Craft Homes, we set out to make the home buying process better.

That’s why we offer a unique, collaborative approach that places your vision and lifestyle at the center of the building process.

Designing your home should be about fitting your surroundings to the life you want. A single Experience Guide will work with you from start to finish, listening to your needs and keeping you engaged while simplifying the process to respect your time. Our approach is conversational and pressure-free, so our Experience

Guides are solely focused on providing you with an amazing experience and an exceptional home.

Craft Homes provides a unique approach and the personalized fit you deserve from a thoughtful, imaginative builder. Our team puts you at the center of crafting your home.


Our homes are crafted with thought to include smart, everyday solutions designed to optimize and improve your daily life.


Bring the outdoors in with living walls and indoor herb gardens in the urban cultivator. Exceptional greenspaces and outdoor living areas are also available for each home.


Spaces are designed to permeate your home with natural light, including special glass panel garage doors for a unique look and open, light-filled space.


Functional storage areas are designed in throughout the home, including high-support trusses built above the garage and optimized storage features installed in kitchens and bathrooms.


USB smart plugs are installed throughout the home in special hidden drop zones to keep your home clean, organized and fully charged.